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I stood on the edge of the bridge at 2 am in the morning, ready to jump. Death was sitting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear to end my years of suffering. I was tired of being lonely and alone. I had several different boyfriends, acquaintances, one night stands, but I was never with anyone more than a few weeks at a time. At age 34, I told myself it was just because I hadn’t found Mr. Right yet. The truth was that I was told my problem with not staying with someone for very long, was because I had a borderline personality disorder, which made me impulsive, aggressive, and I often engaged risky sex. I often drank and used drugs, which made my moods very unstable. The men in my life however enjoyed the fact that I was a freak when it came to sex. I think that was the only reason some of them stayed around as long as they did. I liked taking full control of my ride, and ride them anywhere, anytime, until they could cum no more.

I had several drinks earlier in the night, drinking a little over a half of a fifth. I was still clinging onto the bottle, slowly taking sip after sip as I stood swaying back and forth near the edge of the bridge. I hadn’t jump yet, because the thought was in my head that maybe it wasn’t high enough and if I jump I would only severely injury myself, and not die, leaving myself a cripple for the rest of my lonely miserable life. All my thoughts were jumbled and my head felt light as I turned toward the edge and peered over into the darkness below. I stood there for a few minutes, breathing in the fresh air, and trying to clear my head of the images I kept seeing in my mind. Tears began to freely flow down my cheeks, dropping into the darkness below.

I leaned my head back and took a long gulp from the bottle of Tequila. As I did, I could feel myself leaning out farther over the edge, until I began to feel myself letting go. I didn’t stop myself, instead I cried out, “Goodbye cruel world. You will hurt me no more. I‘m tired of trying to find my dream man.”


From out of no where I felt a hand grabbing me by the shoulder and by one arm. Frightened, my first reaction was to pull away from whatever had grabbed me, but I allowed myself to be firmly held until my rescuer had pulled me into his arms. My bottle of Tequila fell from my hand and dropped into the cold dark water below with a loud splash. I turned around, gasping for air, as I looked up into the eyes of the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. I was so light headed that I felt like I was going to faint, but he again caught me in his arms as I began to sway. I stood there leaning into the arms of the man who had just saved my life. I could feel his strong muscular build in his arms and chest as he held me tightly. I looked up into his deep blue-green eyes, seeing his inner deep passion, I couldn’t help but tremble.

He broke his gaze into my eyes and stood back after releasing my arm, and smiled at me. I was speechless for the first time in my life. I didn’t know what to say to him. I didn’t question him about how he knew I was out there, if he knew what I was about to do, or why he was there. We stood there, staring into each others eyes, as if we were the only two people left in the world. I was speechless, and just stood there smiling back at him. He was the man of my dreams, the man I had fantasized about each night before falling asleep. The man I had masturbated to when I closed my eyes.

“Are you alright now?” he asked with a deep caring voice.

I was still in shock from having him pull me back from the edge of death. It was all like a dream, nothing seemed real. He squeezed my hand gently, waiting for me to answer. I could feel the warmth of his hand as he held my hand firmly. It was sending chills of pleasure throughout my body. I wanted to take him right there; strip him naked, and fuck him until I could fuck no more.

Finally, I managed to get out the words, “Yes, I’m fine now. Thank you so much for helping me.” I tried to compose myself in the best way I could by straightened up my hair and dusting off my old ragged jeans that I had owned since high school. We both smiled at each other, and I felt my heart skip a beat as if I were a teenager in love for the first time.

I finally managed to get out the words, “My name is Tayla.” I could feel butterflies flipping around inside my stomach as he took me by the hand and gently brought my hand to his lips and kissed the top of my hand softly. I could tell that he was looking at me waiting for a response. I blushed as chills ran throughout my entire body, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

“My name is Joe,” he said while still holding my hand, and staring deep into my blue-green eyes. Nervously, I held his hand tightly, and looked deep into his eyes.

“Joe do you believe in fate?”

“Yes, Tayla I do.”

“Then you know I want you to come to my place right now.”

So many thoughts were running through my mind as we walked to my place. I was so happy to have finally found the man of my dreams. He was 6’3”, around 220lbs, with a well toned body, that was strong yet tender looking at the same time. His eyes were the same bright blue-green shade as mine, and seemed to glow in the night. I found myself staring at him, wondering why fate had chosen this night to show itself.

So many different thoughts were running through my mind as we walked into my little apartment. I led him into the front room where we sat down on the sofa and continued for a moment to stare into each others eyes. My heart was pounding fiercely in my chest, part in fear and part in excitement.

“Joe I have to tell you something,” I said as a tear began to drop from my right eye. Joe reached out for my hand and held it firmly, trying to comfort me. I hesitated at first, thinking what I was about to tell him would drive him away, because he would think I was crazy or something.

Finally, I managed to get out the words, “Tonight, I was going to take my life.”

“I know,” Joe said speaking softly with his head held down. “I was on the other side of the bridge, ready to take my own life, when I overheard you crying. I was feeling the same pain as you, and felt compelled to go there and end my suffering. When I saw you, I couldn’t believe you were the woman that I had seen in my dreams many times before. That’s why I came with you back to your place. I had to find out if you were real or just another dream.”

He laid his hand softly against my cheek and stroked it gently, speaking tenderly he said he was so happy he had finally found me. My body ached for him to touch me in the way I always dreamed he would. We both reached for each other and held our bodies tight to each others chest. I felt in my heart and soul that Joe was the man I needed in my life and arms. He was the one was would rescue me from my life of hell.

As my eyes closed slowly he whispered softly in my ear, “I will be with you forever my love.”

He kissed my cheek as my eyes closed all the way, and soon I was fast into a deep sleep. When I awoke, I saw Joe had turned out all the lights and placed candles all around the room. He had stripped off his shirt, and was standing above me staring at me. I felt his hand cup one of breast and begin teasing my nipple until it was hard. I began to whimper as he took my other nipple in his mouth and sucked on it as he continued firmly massaging my other one. My body was on fire from the inside out. I closed my eyes again as Joe leaned down on my body and began kissing me deeply, moving his tongue around in my eager awaiting mouth. I moaned as he kissed my throat, and worked his way down from thee to the valley between my breast. He was tasting my body as he went, lavishing me with his tongue bath. He took both my breast in hands and pushed them together so he could lick both nipples at the same time.

I could feel his cock pressing against his tight jeans as continued to work one of his hands down the front of my jeans between my legs. He searched for my love spot and entered my moist nest first with his fingertips, rotating his fingers from my opening to my clit, making small circular movements over the area just below my clit. I was on the verge of begging him to fuck me.

He unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my panties off. Joe spread my legs far apart, and had one leg over the edge of the couch, making room for him to access my wet cunt easily. He could smell my fragrance as he kissed me up and down my legs while he worked my clit into a frenzy. Stroking it at a fast pace, only stopping to slide a finger or two deep inside.

I began making loud moaning sounds deep in my throat as he slid his finger in and out of my sweet pussy, making me wetter than I already was. It was just like in my dreams. My back arched as I felt his tongue flicking back and forth across my clit. He began sucking on my clit with intense pressure, which sent me over the edge and I had to grab the back of his head. He darted his tongue in and out my hole as he continued rubbing my clit, draining all my juices.

I felt him stand and slip his pants off, freeing his large cock that was glistening with pre-cum at the tip. I wanted to feel him in my hands and reached out to take him into my waiting eager mouth. I took his cock in my mouth, and stroked him gently up and down while looking into his eyes. I could feel him quickly building to a climax.

“I want to feel you deep inside Joe,” I begged him as I pulled him close. I could feel the large tip of his cock touching my steaming hot pussy lips. I raised myself higher, wanting him inside of me. Joe gently spread my legs wider and began slipping the head of his cock inside my moist and ready pussy. He pumped just a little in and out, teasing me. I raised my hips again, wanting more of him, but he only slowly gave her another inch, and teased me again.

Finally, I could tell he could no longer take it, and pushed all of himself deep inside in tight cunt. I cried out with pleasure as his cock hit the bottom and held there firmly, letting my cunt get use to the size of his cock. Slowly he began moving in and out as I began moving my body to the motion of his thrusts, moaning out loud each time he plunged back in. I tossed my head back and forth, not being able to stop the feelings of love and passion that burned within my body. He continued to pump his rod in and out of my pussy, making me cum again and again.

Each time I came my muscles inside would tighten around his cock, making him moan as loud as I was. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my pussy walls as he seemed to grown bigger inside me. He grabbed me by my hips as I grabbed hold of his shoulders and upper back with my fingernails. I dug in a little as he pounded harder and deeper into my aching cunt. The more I dug in, the harder he pumped my pussy, until I felt him arch his back and his juice came flowing out.

I awoke with the bottle still in my hands, sitting near the bridge. It had all only been a dream from a passed out drunk mind. I stood cursing God and anyone else within shouting distance, causing myself to accidentally fall back towards the waters edge. As I felt myself going over the edge, a strong muscular arm reach out for mine, and quickly pulled me back into his arms. I collapsed on the ground with my heart beating so hard inside my chest that it felt uncomfortable. Suddenly, I began throwing up all the alcohol that I had been drinking that night along with a tuna fish sandwich.

I felt gentle hands reaching down and pulling my long blonde hair to the side as I continued violently vomiting. When I finally finished, I heard a kind gentle voice ask if I was okay. I finally looked up and saw a someone standing there with his hand out, offering me a hand up. I focused on the face smiling at me and held out my hand. He quickly pulled me up until I was standing right against his body. I looked up into the blue-green eyes of a guy who was 6’3” as he whispered, “Hi, my name is Joe.”



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